Westworld Then and Now

There are striking style differences between the 1973 era movie and the 21st century HBO production. The sexuality and violence in the movie is quite tame for today’s pay TV standards. But aside from that, there is a fundamental difference in… Continue Reading

The Season of Conflicting Emotions

The opening of football season is always a time of mixed emotions for me. Intermingled are hope for a good year, fear of disappointment, and expectations of the entertainment that I get out of the game. This year opening day… Continue Reading

Nostalgia Overload: Superbowl I The Lost Game

Superbowl I was played in January 1967, just a few weeks from my first birthday. For some reason I don’t remember ever having a conversation with my dad about this game though he must have watched it live at the… Continue Reading

Book Review: The Martian by Andy Weir

Andy Weir’s book, The Martian, is the perfect book for me. It is a topic I am passionate about, written in a style that I find appealing, and contains loads of geeky science that I find fascinating. Therefore it should… Continue Reading

Blurring the line between Employment and Servitude

There is a disturbing trend among many large employers to coerce their employees into giving them personal health information in the guise of helping them. The stated motivation is to make their workforce healthier which of course is coded language… Continue Reading

Why the Video Matters (Even Though It Shouldn’t)

Earlier this year we woke up to view a pretty disturbing scene of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice dragging an unconscious woman out of an elevator. As the days followed and the story unfolded a narrative emerged that there was… Continue Reading

The Making of an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Today I was honored to join  throngs of others around the world who have answered the ALS Ice Bucket  Challenge. Last Friday our Canada Contractor Connection Team challenged the management team at Contractor Connection‘s headquarters in Jacksonville to match their… Continue Reading

Ready the Fleet: Jacksonville Armada Getting Underway

This weekend is the Select A Seat Event for the inaugural season of the new North American Soccer League (NASL) team in Jacksonville.  The Jacksonville Armada FC will start play in the spring next year. I am excited about the return of professional… Continue Reading

Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Preseason Game 1: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The first preseason game for the Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Season is complete and it was quite a mixture. Like most first preseason games it was good at times..it was bad at times..and then a couple of times it was downright… Continue Reading